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Leaders decry proliferation of illegal liquor

Leaders in Siaya County are up in arms over the proliferation of illicit liquor from a neighbouring country.
The leaders said the sale of the bootleg from the neigbouring country was taking a toll on the lives of local people.
County Commissioner Michael ole Tialal and Governor Cornel Rasanga said there was need for concerted efforts to curb the smuggling and sale of the plastic sachet-packed liquor whose quality and potency was not known.
Addressing a Jamhuri Day fete at Siaya county stadium, the duo lamented that several lives had been lost as a result of unchecked consumption of these liquors.
Rasanga accused unscrupulous security officers of being complicit in the distribution of the liquor that trades under various brand names such as Simba, Waragi and many others.
“Even in my Segere village backyard, I know of a joint where the liquor is sold and the policemen visit regularly to collect their fee and leave the dealers to go about their illegal business undisturbed” he said.
The governor said the county government was ready to work with the national government to wipe out the menace that was a threat to the future of the community.
He however called on the police to stop harassing motor cycle operators, adding that efforts to ensure road safety must not be used to harass and embarrass young men eking out a living out of motor cycle taxi business.
County commissioner Ole Tialal said alcohol and drug abuse were on the rise in the county.
He ordered the police and chiefs to put a stop to the sale of the illegal, sachet packed liquor in their respective areas of jurisdiction.
Ole Tialal at the same time banned funeral discos in the county and ordered security agencies to ensure the ban was implemented.
He said that uncontrolled disco had not only led to moral decay, but had contributed greatly to the increasing number of defilement cases, rapes and early pregnancies among underage girls.
The commissioner assured the residents of security during the festive season, adding that patrols will be increased to ensure that criminals have no opportunity to steal or maim the locals.
By Philip Onyango

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