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Freedom Fighters Beneficiaries to Get Their Inheritance

Beneficiaries  of  Mau Mau freedom fighters  may soon have a reason to smile after the government established an agency to unearth property belonging to their forefathers and have them transferred to them.

The  Meru South Sub-County Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Albanos Ndiso said the national government has established the ‘Unclaimed Financial Assessment  Authority’ to find out if any property or money belonging to the freedom fighters could be in the pockets of unscrupulous people and hand it over to their rightful beneficiaries.

“The authority is mandated to establish the whereabouts of the property and monies owned by the late freedom fighters and ensure their families many of whom have been crying for compensation benefit from the sweat of their forefathers,” said the DCC.

Speaking during  Mashujaa Day celebrations held at Chuka Township Primary School on Sunday, the DCC said that the agency will further find out if there are any unknown monies banked by these freedom fighters and hand them over to their families.

DCC noted that the government has launched a program called ‘Unclaimed Financial Assessment Authority’ which will enable the families of the people who fought for independence to get back what belonged to their fathers.

“Families of the ex-freedom fighters can seek directions from their area chiefs or dial *361# to help them know if there are such unclaimed property or monies by their forefathers who died in the struggle or even after independence,” said the DCC.

Ndiso warned residents of the sub-county against irresponsibly selling land and squandering the proceeds on leisure pinpointing that the freedom fighters sacrificed their leisure and entered Mt. Kenya forest in struggle for the land.

The  DCC further disclosed that security team had dealt with some criminal elements who were out to cause mayhem in Chuka town and its environs and undertook to strengthen the ‘Nyumba Kumi’ initiative to deal with crime once for all.

Ndiso further called on parents with candidates to desist from giving specific expectations to their children which could lead to some committing suicide or taking other negative actions after failing to meet their parent’s expectations.

“Let’s give our children a conducive environment to sit for their examinations without unnecessary pressure. Whatever grade they get is not a matter of life and death. Any grade will take them somewhere, after all those who score the best grades are not always the most successful in life,” said DCC.

By  Kenneth Marangu

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