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Fuel shortage cripples transport in Masalani area of Wajir

A biting fuel crisis has for the last three days paralysed transport and operations in Masalani town of Ijara sub-county.

Among services severely affected by the fuel shortage include the on-going National Integrated Identity Management Systems (NIIMS) registration exercise as people’s movement had been curtailed.

The three fuel refilling stations of Heller, Wamo and Ijara in Masalani sub-county have reported shortage for four days now.

The manager of Heller petrol station Mr. Gabow Yarrow said they had run short of fuel in Masalani due to long queues at the petroleum depots in Mombasa.

He denied any hoarding by the company but added he was optimistic fresh fuel supply might arrive Friday night from Mombasa and if it fails he said it might be available on Monday.

Motorists caught off guard by the shortage were forced to park their vehicles and walk long distances under the scotching sun.

Residents claimed that there was a ploy by fuel companies to create a crisis in the country as the Energy Regulatory body had nipped on the bud activities of some cartels that have been dealing in adulterated fuel.

By Mohammed Dahir

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