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Garissa County, Islamic relief in joint livestock vaccination drive

The County government of Garissa in a joint effort with Islamic Relief organization has launched a 14-day mass vaccination of livestock in Fafi, Township and parts of Balambala sub-counties.

Early last month, a similar exercise was carried out in Lagdera sub-county where over 150 cows, goats, sheep, camels and donkeys were inoculated. The county government collaborated with Save the Children organization.

Flagging off the teams carrying out the campaign on Saturday, Livestock Chief Officer Isnino Rage said the initiative aims at increasing herd immunity and prevent cattle losses that can impact on livestock supplies in local and international markets.

“The livestock sector is the mainstay of our people and is directly the main source of income for over 80 per cent of our population,” Rage said.

“As a county we are committed to selflessly guarding this sector by ensuring that any threat to the sector is immediately addressed before the situation gets out of hand,” she added.

The exercise targets to inoculate over 100,000 animals.

Rage called on other partners to come on board with logistical support to help the county bridge the 40 per cent gap to reach the national recommended target for vaccinations.

Cattle, donkeys and camels will be vaccinated against the highly contagious CBPP and anthrax while goats will be immunized against the equally deadly CCPP.

PPR vaccination will also be administered to sheep and goats.

The teams will also be conducting ectoparasite control against ticks, tse tse flies and other biting insects alongside deworming for the animals to control internal parasites like worms.

The department of livestock is providing technical staff, vehicles and vaccines while Islamic relief will avail fuel and allowances for the teams.

Present during the launch were Deputy Director of Livestock Siyat Ogle, Islamic Relief Marketing Officer Cornelius Mutuku and officer in charge of emergency response Ibrahim Billow.

By Jacob Songok

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