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Garissa deputy governor has said that there is no leadership vacuum following the Director of Public Prosecutions order to prosecute his boss governor Ali Korane and other senior Garissa County officials over the alleged embezzlement of Sh 233 million that was issued by the World Bank as a grant.

Dagane at the same time assured area residents that service delivery would not be compromised during trial of Governor Korane.

Officials charged alongside Korane are Finance chief officer Ibrahim Malow, Treasury head Mohammed Abdullahi, Municipality CEC Abdi Shale and head of accounting at municipal, Ahmed Aden.

According to the DPP, instead of the money being used for the construction of a market, re-carpeting of CBD roads and putting up of pedestrian walkways and setting up of drainages, it was diverted to other uses between February and September 2019. The DPP said diversions were facilitated by the county officials.

Korane is accused of abdicating his role in the management of resources while the county officials are also charged with conspiracy to commit an economic crime, willful failure to comply with the law relating to management of public finances and misappropriation of public funds.

Addressing the press in his office today Dagane said he will ensure continued service delivery to the residents of Garissa county.

“I urge the residents of Garissa county to join me in praying for our governor and other county officials for a speedy conclusion of the case,” Dagane said.

“Under my leadership, county executive committee members and the gallant County workforce, shall continue to implement the governor’s development agenda as provided for in article 179 of the Constitution, section 32(2) of the County Government Act and the recent court rulings,” he added.

The deputy governor noted that the county leadership will be guided by the best practices adopted by counties with intentions of doing better.

“I’m profoundly appealing to the political leadership both National and county level – most importantly the county assembly of Garissa county to enhance their oversight role and show leadership and practical wisdom required of us by our people in this extremely difficult period,” he noted.

“Anyone can captain the ship when the sea is calm, but it takes grit, pragmatism and skillful leadership to wade through the rough seas,” Dagane said.

Dagane appealed to the national government organs for support as they continue serving the residents of Garissa.

“Peaceful coexistence of our people is never negotiable and thus I urge the residents of this great county to remain calm and not to be carried away by the euphoria of the moment,” he said.

Dagane kept clear of his statement at Kilimani police station in Nairobi where he alleged that some people had threatened him, days after his boss Korane was charged with failing to provide oversight on Sh233 million World Bank grant funds.

By Jacob Songok


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