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Garissa residents call for dialogue to end border clashes

A section of Garissa Leaders now wants the national government to arbitrate the boundary dispute with Isiolo to avert further bloody clashes.

The leaders claimed that the protracted boundary clashes continued to claim lives and property even after efforts by local leaders to amicably resolve the standoff failed.

Addressing the press at a Garissa hotel, the residents led by Danyere MCA Daud Adan, the leaders said that there has been nothing fruitful from the interventions by local leadership and called on the national government to take up the matter.

“The conflict between the two communities along the Isiolo and Garissa County border continue to escalate and we have not had any solution from the interventions of the local leadership. We are calling the national government to intervene and solve this matter for once and for all,” Adan said.

The residents now want all the local political and security leaders from both counties to call for a peace dialogue meeting to solve the now protracted border dispute.

“We are tired of living in constant fear. The people we have lost and property due to these conflicts should be the last. We want peace to be restored in this area once and for all,” said Hussein Dawane, a youth leader

“It is unfortunate and sad that every time there has been a bandit attack, it is Garissa side that has been blamed yet, we are the victims,” he added.

County religious affairs representative Armed Bilal urged the warring neighbours to embrace peace as part of their Islamic virtues.

“Majority of the people in Garissa and Isiolo are Muslims. Islam is peace, let everyone calm down and allow the security machinery to resolve these issues,” Bilal said.

Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti has also called on the national security agencies, leaders to avert further bloodshed.

By Jacob Songok and Erick Kyalo

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