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Garre community commemorates their culture

As the government commits itself to promote and preserve Kenya’s rich heritage, the Garre community in Nanyuki town commemorated their first ever cultural day over the weekend.

The colourful event had attracted about 50 women from the Garre community who were clad with their costumes printed Garre.

Some of the Garre clan traditional foods including meat, popcorn and milk. They were part of the colourful event held in Nanyuki over the weekend. Photo by Muturi Mwangi

Garre is one of the Somali clans, which moved to Kenya and have spread to all areas in the country. Majority are pastoralists; however, some have diversified to small-scale farming.

“Today we have marked our culture, on such an occasion, we prepare different types of food associated with our culture,” revealed Ms Habib Hassan, adding that the day is celebrated on August 27 annually in all places inhabited by the Garre people.

The 67-year-old Hassan said the function entails praising their culture, singing and dancing Garre songs and at the same time share their traditional foods aimed at ensuring there is posterity of their cherished traditions.

She noted the reason for men not taking part in preparations of the party is due to their limited interactions of which, she said, help to maintain moral fabric among the Garre community.

Ms Fatuma Ali, on her part said, with the advancement of lifestyle, they are coping by shunning some traditions which do not fit in modern society like clothing

She however maintains, some artefacts and food have to be passed on to the next generation.

By Muturi Mwangi

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