Garre community’s chairman killed in Isiolo

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The chairman of Garre community in Isiolo County was yesterday killed by armed bandits at Qarsa grazing area in Kinna Ward, Garbatulla Sub-County.

The Garre Council of Elders chairman Hajj Abdi Eden aka Abdi Mzungu was shot dead by the bandits while he was going home from the grazing area where he had gone to look after his camels.

Isiolo County Commissioner Mr Harman Shambi confirmed the killing saying that the armed bandits had ambushed the elder at a scene, 18 km from Duse trading centre.

Shambi said that an analysis of the killing was underway and urged wananchi to remain calm since the investigating officers are pursuing significant leads that are believed would help to arrest the assailants.

Shambi added that also the security officers from Garbatula and Kinna are in the area using sniffer dogs to track down the killers.

He revealed that the bandits shot a single bullet that killed the trader in a vehicle which had four other passengers including the area chief.

Shambi urged wananchi to surrender illegal firearms to the government saying they were responsible for the isolated cases of insecurity and more especially banditry and cattle rustling.

The Jamia Mosque Imam, Sheikh Hassan Isack said the late Hajj Mzungu was a prominent businessman in Moyale and Isiolo and had been instrumental in the peace process forums and was respected by all.

Sheikh Isack is a brother to the deceased and appealed to the government to disarm the local people who are holding illegal firearms.

By Abduba Mamo

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