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Gender stakeholders commit to end FGM in Narok

Cases of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) have dropped from 78 to 51 percent in Narok County, thanks to the gender stakeholders who have been sensitizing the community to end the practice.

Speaking during the International Day of Zero Tolerance towards FGM, Narok County Government Executive Member for Education Robert Simotwo lauded various non-state actors who have been running programmes at the grassroots to end the outdated culture.

Simotwo challenged parents to prioritize education by ensuring all school-going children were enrolled in school and that they completed the education system.

He said though FGM was a cultural practice in the past, the practice has medically been proven to be causing more harm hence the reason the government outlawed it.

The celebrations were organized by the Gender Department and sponsored by the county government in collaboration with AMREF, FORUM CIV, World Vision, and Afyiafrica among other organizations.

Simotwo said the county targets to end FGM shortly saying it has compromised the standards of education as many girls drop out of school after undergoing the cut and opt to be married.

Narok South Deputy County Commissioner Felix Kisalu who attended the event said the security agencies have continued the fight against FGM with the target of arresting the parents who submit their children to the illegal practice.

During the Christmas season last year, the DCC said 40 women were arrested and arraigned in court for practicing FGM.

He added that the interior ministry has set aside gender desks in all the police stations for reporting all the violence against women and girls.

“We also liaise with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) to ensure that we deliver justice to gender cases in the shortest time possible.

He warned the chiefs who condone any kind of FGM that they will face serious consequences challenging them to be vigilant in their areas and arrest those that are found guilty of the act in their area of jurisdiction.

Blaise Milimu, a project officer at World Vision, said that the organization empowers community leaders who help to fight Gender Based Violence incidents.

Milimu added that the organization has marked out FGM hotspot areas, where they are concentrating their programmes to protect the girls from the vice.

“As we celebrate 15 years of community service here in Narok, we hope to continue working with the community to eliminate FGM to zero percent,” he said.

By Ann Salaton and Amos Maine

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