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Gideon leads BBI signature drive

KANU Chairman Gideon Moi has declared that his party will fully support the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report and the proposed changes to the constitution.
Gideon who led a number of MPs in drumming up support for the BBI process in Kilgoris town in Trans Mara West Sub County, Narok County Thursday said changes to any constitution was a normal process aimed at strengthening democracy and institutions of governance.
The Baringo senator who launched the drive to collect signatures for the BBI at the venue urged Kenyans to support the process saying the drive was not doing away with the country’s constitution, but aimed at making some changes on the current structure to make it even better.
“The world over, changes are made on the constitution to make it adapt to the changing aspirations of the people and Kenya is no exception,” he said, adding that even in future, the same constitution will also be changed again and again to suit the changing needs of the people.
The senator said BBI puts in place watertight mechanisms to address graft, noting that corruption remains Kenya’s problem number one that must be confronted at all costs.
“Much of the public resources have been stolen and that is a fact. It is now envisaged in the BBI that this will come to an end when we pass the proposals and that is why we are here supporting the same,” said Gideon.
The KANU chairman said the BBI train had already left the station and it is time all forward looking Kenyans gave collective support for the document.
He said those aspiring for a public office will be required to disclose how they acquired their wealth, in a move aimed at fixing graft lords.
The Senator told the youth to read the BBI document so as to make informed decisions, adding that it contains much substance geared towards empowering them, saying up to 30 percent of the resources that will be devolved will help the youth especially in tenders.
Gideon was accompanied by Members of Parliament William Kamket (Tiaty), Kanchory Memusi (Kajiado Central) and former mount Elgon legislator Joseph Kimkung.
Speaking during the same function, Narok KANU chairman Julius Sunkuli said the independence party was in the process of revitalizing itself and will soon be opening an office in Narok town.
He said that the Maa community stands to benefit a lot from supporting the report.
On his part, the Tiaty MP hit out at Tangatanga team for failing to attend the recent launch of signature collection for BBI report led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga at the KICC in Nairobi saying that they appeared not ready for constitution change.
“It is good that Kenyans have showed these leaders that whether they like it or not, the journey to get new constitution was unstoppable,” said Kamket.
Memusi referred to those opposing new document are ‘enemies of this country.’ “Nobody should have a reason not to support the constitution changes because the interests of all the people are catered for in the new document,” he said.
The MP urged the Maa community to support BBI report by appending their signatures to the document.

 By Mabel Keya

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