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Girls benefit greatly from a foundation

Teenage girls from Juja Sub-county of Kiambu County are set to benefit from DREAM GIRL FOUNDATION a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that focuses on improving their lives by providing them with education, shelter and clothing.

This comes after the organization rolled out a plan to fund activities that target young girls and women aged between 10 to 24 years. The funding is all about enabling those aged from 18 years in starting up a business or broadcasting for those who already are self-employed.

Speaking during an interview with KNA at her home in Juja Beth Aoko a 21 year old beneficiary spoke her heart out how the initiative has impacted positively on her life during her most challenging stage of life.

“I initially joined the foundation back in the year 2017 after the officials approached us in our area. They have been a great support for they have paid my fees when still back in high school when my mother was not well off. They have also given me lessons on sex education which has helped me understand my sexuality”

Currently we have been informed that they are going to help us financially in starting up a business and we have already registered and prepared ourselves as per the requirements that entails just having a bank account where they will deposit the money. It is a heaven sent given the current state of our economy it’s hard to get a job opportunity so the grant they give will boost us financially so that we can become self-reliant and stop depending on our guardians and parents” she noted

Speaking to Diana Moraa another beneficiary who is also a resident of Juja at the foundation revealed that she was earning a living through selling boiled eggs in the area. She said she was able to pay for her own bills in a house where she was staying with a friend.

“It’s just fantastic of the idea to come up. This will really help a lot of young women in the group. We are a group of different people who face different life experiences that we have been able to overcome through support of the group.

She further explained “We have young mothers who are really struggling in putting food on the table for their children and have to dig deep into their pockets to make ends meet but it will be a good push for us. Personally, I will expand my business into a shop where I will sell more items which means earning more. Currently, I earn more than 600 per day after selling from about 6.00a.m to 9.00 p.m.”

Mrs. Florence Maina a supervising manager of the foundation said they had helped more than 200 girls from the area through paying their fees and boosting them financially to put up businesses.

“The ultimate goal of the initiative it to help girls develop, determined and mentor them into responsible members of the society. The foundation is incorporated with other bodies together with the County and national government. We are set to start funding our members those business so as to end poverty levels and improve their lives. We hope the whole initiative will be a success and impact positively so that they also contribute to the economy of the nation.


By  Lydia Shiloya and Mary Mueni


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