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Githongo declared overall winner s in VTC games

Friday  marked  the end of the 12th two-day Meru County inter-vocational training centres ball games competition held at the Kaaga Primary  School playgrounds.

The Githongo  Vocational Training centre bagged Sh.30, 000 after being declared overall winners with twelve points.

The  Maua  Youth  Polytechnic who had amassed ten points received Sh.15,000 in second position with Nkubu vocational training centre coming in third having accumulated six points taking home Sh.10,000.

The  competitions attracted various vocational training centres from across the county among them Kanyakine, Nkubu, Muthara, Kithoka, Githongo, Kithima, Maua youth polytechnic, and newly introduced Thitha vocational training centre that had qualified from their respective zones in sports such as football, volleyball and handball for both men and women.

The  men’s football finals pitted rivals Maua and Nkubu vocational training centres which saw Nkubu emerge victorious by 1-0 after their striker scored a screamer from the center of the field. Kithoka vocational training centre took the third prize.

In  handball men, second runners up was taken by the Muthara vocational training centre, first runners up was the Kanyakine VTC that were edged out by Githongo.

The  handball women winners were Maua Youth polytechnic who had thrashed Githongo vocational training centre in a tight match and the second runners up position was taken by Nkubu VTC.

In  volleyball, Githongo clinched the men’s title after beating Nkubu vocational training centre in the finals and the third position went to Kanyakine VTC.

Debutants Thitha vocational training centre overpowered Ithima VTC in women’s volleyball by winning all the three sets as Githongo VTC took the second runners up.

Maua  and  Kithoka vocational training centres battled it out in the women’s football final which saw the game end up in penalties after a goalless draw in regular time where Maua scored 5-3. The second runners up went to Ithima VTC.

Some  of  the best sportspersons will be handpicked from the various institutions to represent the county in the national vocational training centers games in Kericho County next month.

The  theme of the competition was: “Promoting vocational education and training, talent and social development through sports”.

The  County Chief of Staff, Gideon  Kimathi  donated Sh.50, 000 to be shared equally among the participating institutions since according to him they were all winners.

By  Richard  Muhambe

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