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Sagetti, the supper vegetable

The wonder spider plant vegetable at a farm in Lanet, Nakuru County. Photo by KNA.

Expectant  and  lactating  mothers have been advised to incorporate spider plant sagetti vegetables to their meals in order to reduce nausea and increase milk for their children.

A  culinary art expert, Mrs. Ruth  Ongiri  said nutritionists have confirmed that the sagetti vegetables were way above all other traditional vegetables in nutrients.

They contain a lot of iron, beta-carotene, vitamin C and A, also magnesium and calcium which strengthens bones.

Speaking  during  an  interview  with KNA at her farm in Lanet  on  Saturday, Ongiri said the good tropical weather supports traditional vegetables which include nightshade (Managu), amaranth (terere) and vine spinach (Nderema) which are not only healthy but also contain medicinal qualities which expedients the healing for sick people.

She  said  the  western world has realized the importance of sagetti and they have started planting it in their own countries.

However, she  lamented that while other people were embracing traditional vegetables, locals were still feeding on cabbages and kales.

She  appealed to managers of boarding schools to incorporate traditional vegetables in their diet to improve the health of young people instead of feeding them on just cabbages on a daily basis.

Despite  their nutritional value, there is fear that the traditional vegetables may soon be extinct because of acidic soils and the effect of aphids and the fact that international seed companies were not keen on preserving their seeds.

Traditionally, the  seeds were shared among family members and neighbors’ for free but due to increased demand, the Kenya Seed Company has started packaging  certified  seeds for sale.

By  Veronica  Bosibori

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