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Give fishermen more to comply with regulations 

The  Kenya  Maritime Authority (KMA) has been asked to extend their grace period for fishermen operating on Kenya lakes to comply with marine regulations and requirements.

KMA  last week began a crackdown on boats in Lake Victoria that are not registered under the authority as well as fishermen without recommended safety gears.

The  Rarieda politician, Augustine Netto Adhola observed that it was vital for fishermen to comply with KMA regulations but said that the requirements were very many and hat an extension of grace period was needed for the fishermen to fully comply.

Netto  who  addressed the press at Mahaya in the constituency said that if fishermen would be given more time to keep their houses in order, conflicts between them and KMA officials during such crackdown would be avoided.

He  said the on-going crackdown on sub-standard vessels, that are not registered and operators without life saver jackets has caused anxiety among fishermen and currently they are operating in fear of arrest.

Netto  asked fishermen to hasten their processes of acquiring necessary documents and other items to avoid arrest.

He  on  the other hand  called on Siaya County Government to set aside some funds to facilitate the fishermen to fulfill KMA requirements.

The  politician also said that there is need for a sensitization workshop for the fishermen to enlighten them on the lake security and requirements for operation.

Last  week 11 fishermen from across Rarieda and Bondo Sub County beaches were arrested by KMA and charged in courts with various offenses that go against marine requirements.

By  Brian Ondeng

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