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National and County governments urged to start free legal clinics at the grassroots

The  Ahadi Kenya Chief Exeutive Officer (CEO), Stanley Kamau has called on national and county governments to start free legal clinics at the grassroots level to help women know their rights, especially on inheritance matters.

Kamau noted that cases of property grabbing in the county were rampant especially among women after death of their husbands.

Speaking in Nyeri town on Saturday, the CEO said women countrywide should be empowered on all matters pertaining to the constitution on the issue of inheritance.

“Many women are in darkness when it comes to matters of inheritance,” he observed.

Kamau  also disclosed that together with other like-minded partners, they have launched the National Democracy Fund meant to assist women, girls and persons living with disabilities so that they can have the same financial muscles with men, when seeking elective post come the 2022 elections.

He said ultimately they want to empower every woman so that they can be able to fight for any position either at the national or grassroots level, or in the management of churches, cattle dips and other spheres of life.

The CEO urged women to join the funding organization to be chaired by himself in large numbers, to be guided on how to seek for elective posts, adding that they don’t want to see womenfolk having the kind of financial strain they normally go through during the campaign period.

Kamau said they want to have a level playing ground for each and every person in the county, so that the country doesn’t continue to witness as men spend millions of shillings in campaigns, as women watch from the periphery because of limited finances.

By  Beth  Ndirangu

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