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Good Hope Sacco gives hope to Mara residents

About 1000 families living around the world famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve can heave a sigh of relief after a teacher’s Sacco based in Narok County gave them foodstuff worth Sh175,000.
Good Hope Sacco gave the food Thursday through the Narok County Commissioner’s office to residents living around the conservancies who mainly depend on tourism for their livelihoods.
The Sacco’s chairman Mr. Isaac Kelesi said those living in the Mara ward were adversely affected by global Coronavirus pandemic following the ban of international travel as the residents mainly depend on tourism for survival.
“We decided to come up with this initiative to help our neighbours put something on the table. This could not be enough for all the families living in the area, but we believe it will bring some hope to the few families that will benefit,” said Kelesi.
The Sacco’s Manager Elvis Ololkipai said the food purchased included cooking fat, rice, sugar, tea leaves and maize flour that is the basic food consumed by the locals.
“We stand with our brothers and sisters who do not have anything to eat during the pandemic. However, we pray to God that the pandemic will end soon,” said Ololkipai.
Francis Nkoitoi who represented the Mara ward residents thanked the Sacco for the initiative confirming that a number of families had been severely affected since the international travels were banned as a result of the ravaging covid-19 disease.
“We are grateful to you for your kind gesture. Our people who do not do farming because of the presences of wild animals in the area and depend on tourism will benefit from these donations,” said Nkoitoi.
At the same time, Narok County Commissioner Samuel Kimiti commended the teachers’ sacco for their efforts in contributing to the society during this pandemic asking them to be role models in the society as they are revered by many.
“The teachers should help us in intensifying campaigns on Covid-19 in the grassroots as many people listen to them. I am grateful that teachers in this county have also stood to be counted in the fight against coronavirus,” continued Kimiti.
He called on other well-wishers to continue giving donations through his office or that of the county governor so that it can be distributed evenly among the residents.
The county commissioner called on farmers in productive areas like Mau region not to sell their entire foodstuff but reserve some to share with those who are affected by this pandemic.
He commended chiefs and village elders for being vigilant and reporting cases of suspected persons who had sneaked in their midst from zones deemed to be hotspots of the deadly disease.
“We have worked as one and that is why this county has not reported any case. This is the spirit we will continue with to avert a possibility of an outbreak in our county,” reiterated Kimiti.
By Ann Salaton

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