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Government asked to Extend cash transfer programmes to orphans in children homes

The government has been urged to extend its cash transfer support to orphans and vulnerable children living in various children homes and orphanages across the country.
Currently the government through the cash transfer kitty only supports orphans and vulnerable children living with their relatives outside the orphanages.
According to Mr. George Ajwang the administrator at Foundation Stone children’s home in Bondo, many desperate cases of orphans are found in orphanages and the government should consider these children to be included in the kitty.
Ajwang said most orphanages are left to struggle on their own to support the high number of orphans or rely on unpredictable foreign donors who often fail them.
He said that the orphans in children homes should be treated like their counterparts outside the homes, through government support so that they do not feel left out.
The administrator revealed that some orphans at children homes have expressed the desire to go back to their villages so that they can benefit from the fund, even though they do not have anybody to take care of them while in the village.
Ajwang also called upon relatives of children left behind by deceased parents to ensure they give them proper care just as they do to their own children to reduce the number of orphans getting to the children homes.
He was speaking at the children’s home when they received foodstuff, cereals, blankets and clothes from Kisumu based charity organization called Dala Legends.

Orphanage manager Julian Otieno challenged other well wishers to follow suit by coming in handy in support for orphans.
Dala Legends coordinator, Mr. Felix Omondi noted that helping an orphan is showing respect to God himself, since there is none charged with responsibility of helping orphans.
By Brian Ondeng’

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