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Government construct dams in North Eastern to end water woes.

The government has embarked on constructing dams in Northern Eastern and Eastern region with a view to ending persistent wrangling over water and pasture among the various clans living in the area.

East African community and Regional Development CS Adan Mohammed speaking in Bute, Wajir North sub county during the official launch of Sh100 million Eresteno mega water dam, located at the border of Wajir and Mandera counties, said the national government was keen on fostering peaceful co-existence among the predominantly pastoral communities.

The Eresteno dam has a capacity 120,000 cubic metres and will mitigate perennial water shortage in the area.  The dam will also improve food security as it will be used for irrigation, thus providing a source of income for the local communities.

The CS said government is also building others dams in Garissa, Isiolo, Marsabit and Mandera counties, adding that dams are now means of preserving water during rainy seasons that see the precious commodity wasted in the region.

He said the proposed dams will bring together clans that live in the targeted areas as different communities will be able to share water. According to the CS, the life changing water projects will henceforth minimize clan conflicts and promote cohesion.

“This about reducing inter-clan tensions and clashes over water and pasture. These mega dams have a higher capacity that can serve all the communities for a long period,” he said, adding that the government was keen on providing clean and sufficient water to all its citizens.

The North Eastern region suffers perennial water shortage due to inadequate rainfall all year round. It is predominantly inhabited by pastoralists, who travel long distances in search of water for domestic and livestock use.

By Charles Matacho

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