Government finally knocks at the doors of heroine Aoko

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After a heroic act by Virginia Aoko of saving her mother, Judith Akinyi and her brother, she has attracted the attention of various leaders and organizations from Busia County.

Virginia, a 13-year-old class seven girl at Budala Primary School had to brave the chilly, and scary dark waters at 3 am alone with the labouring mother to row her to safe delivery at Rukala Health Centre last Tuesday

She has ever since received praise from across the County leaders led by Busia Police Commander, John Nyoike, Women Representative, Florence Mutua and other County officials.

The security team led by their boss, offered material support to the families that are putting up at the camp following floods in Budalangi area.

She narrates to the press the condition at their home, as they were forced to draw water from their house in order to use it every day.

“At our house, you must remove water in order to stay in,” said Aoko.

Most homes in the area are submerged in water as school going pupils have to use the boats or walk in flooded roads to access their learning institution.

“I personally celebrate Virginia for the brave act. Congratulations my daughter for saving your Mother and brother’s lives. It shall be well with you,” said Florence Mutua

Busia Police Commander at Virginia’s home. Photo by Absalom Namwalo

The County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Sports, Culture and Social Services, Dr. Janet Manyasi and the Gender Advisor to the Governor, Pascalia Makonjio, visited Virginia Aoko’s family in Rukala village in Bunyala South Ward.

In her message to Virginia, who single-handedly rowed her mother to Rukala Health Centre in wee hours while in labour pains, Dr Manyasi told her to work extra hard in school because the whole world is now looking upon her as a heroine despite her tender age.

“Virginia, all eyes are on you because you are about to sit for your Kenya Certificate Primary Education (KCPE) exams. Work hard in school because I know it’s you who will remove your mother, brothers and sisters from this situation,” she encouraged her.

“Today I am here to also tell you the Busia County Heroes Bill is underway. I have already taken MCAs through the Bill, and come Mashujaa Day we shall include you as one of our heroes,” she added.

Virginia aspires to be a doctor as she thanks medics for saving her mother’s life. The family is still appealing for well-wishers to support them.

By Absalom Namwalo 

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