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Strike hampers fumigation process in Government Institutions

As the health workers strike continues to bite since they down their tools of trade to press for a safer working environment amid Covid-19, Government institutions that relied on them for fumigation services in Kiambu County are now suffering.

            Since the lockdown that was necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, the Government embarked on offering fumigation services to all her institutions especially those that attend to scores of members of the public.

            Kiambu Law courts, one of the institutions that benefited from the fumigation service owing to the many clients the seek legal services had todate remained without the service for close to a month. The corridors of justice in Kiambu have gone without the weekly exercise which was provided by the public health department in the County Government of Kiambu.

            Kiambu Law courts Executive Officer while talking to KNA from his office yesterday regretted that the facility could not get the service following the on-going strike as the chemicals could not be accessed from the designated offices because of the strike.

            He said the courts were now able to wind up their services early enough because the strike had disrupted the fumigation exercise which was aimed at protecting the surfaces and walls of the facility.

            Other institutions that have similarly missed the service are the Police stations and police posts, chief’s offices, learning institutions, markets and government offices.

            Prior to the strike by health workers, the  Kiambu sub-county health officer Ms Teresia Wanjiru revealed to KNA at the law courts that they were engaging cohorts from kazi mtaani to do the fumigation in various institutions.

            She said that the cohorts had come in handy and that they were doing a good job upon instruction which gave them an easy time to cover more institutions within the shortest time.

            A spot check by KNA can confirm that as the courts continues to miss the service, the administration has gone a long way to secure their premises by locking common entrances so that only members of staff access the facility. The public have for the past 2 months been served through the windows following the rise of people infected by the virus.

By Lydia Shiloya

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