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State invests Sh2bn in modernizing New KCC

The government has spent Sh2 billion towards the modernization of the New Kenya Cooperative Creameries (KCC) factories across the country, the Managing Director (MD), Nixon Sigei, has said.

Sigei said the multi-billion shilling modernization programme has increased dairy production from Sh 2.5 billion to Sh 4.5 billion, increasing the income for dairy farmers who deliver their milk to New KCC factories.

He was speaking at the Eldoret New KCC factory, where he hosted the National Assembly’s Parliamentary Committee on Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives.

The 10-member committee members, led by their Chairman, James Gakuya, were on a two-day tour of the new KCC factories in the North Rift region.

Among those accompanying the Chair were Marianne Kitany (MP Alda) and her Keiyo North counterpart, Adams Kipsanai.

The MD said the modernization projects will go a long way in offering quality services to the dairy farmers, who have been suffering due to a lack of markets for their produce.

“The money has been spent on the installation of state-of-the-art equipment in our New KCC factories across the country to enable the farmers to earn better returns and at the same time increase demand for our products,” said Sigei.

The process of the modernization project initiated by the national government is ongoing to ensure all the factories are covered for the benefit of the dairy farmers.

Speaking at the venue, Gakuya expressed satisfaction with the manner in which the New KCC top leadership has prudently utilised the allocated funds towards the modernization of all its factories.

“We can see the value for money in the installation of new equipment; the work that has already been done on some of the New KCC factories that we have toured in the North Rift region is impressive,” said Gakuya.

He challenged the management to hasten the installation of modern equipment in the remaining factories now that the government has already funded the requisite budget for the modernization programme.

The Kenya Kwanza Administration, Gakuya assured, was committed to addressing any of the challenges bedevilling small-scale dairy farmers with a view to providing solutions so that they reap maximum profit from the sector.

By Kiptanui Cherono

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