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Government Rehabilitates Roads in Nairobi County

The  government has allocated over ksh.303, 477, 205 for the rehabilitation and maintenance of rural roads in Nairobi County, through the Kenya Rural Roads  Authority (KeRRA).

The  Nairobi KeRRA Deputy Regional Manager, Eng. Samuel Kinyanjui said routine maintenance and upgrading works of roads within Nairobi for financial year 2018/2019 had commenced in various parts of the county.

He  said each constituency in the county will receive a total of sh.21, 250, 000 from the 22 percent Routine Maintenance Levy Fund (RMLF) and 10 percent RMLF of Ksh.9,661,000 for the financial year 2018/2019 for maintenance of selected roads within their constituencies.

Some  of  the 44 roads  selected  by  County’s Constituency Roads Committees for maintenance and upgrading include ACK  Mwiki Access, 2nd  Street, St. John Catholic-Lucky Summer Bridge, KPLC-Lucky Summer – Migingo – Stage 25, Hinga road and  Waruku road.

Others are Nagi Kibarage, Tara road, Muringa bypass, Jamrock road, Dandora Phase 1 Access road, Hombe road, Peponi road, Mowlem-Feroze road, Old Uchumi-Langata High School road, and Jamhuri Estate-Toy  Access Road.

He  said  some of works involve upgrading roads to bitumen status, road safety improvement, concrete paving, grading and gravel patching and erecting of bumps.

Painting  and  installing road signs, pothole patching  with partial overlay  and  construction of drainage  structures  will  also  be  done.

“We  are having  these  activities in every constituency in the county, doing rural roads that affect each person in their  communities,” he said.

Eng. Kinyanjui   was   speaking on Friday during the Nairobi County Development Implementation Coordination Committee (CDICC) meeting chaired by the Nairobi County Commissioner (CC), Flora Mworoa and attended by the Committee Secretary, Kinoti  Gatobu from  the Presidential Delivery Unit.

Briefing  the  committee at the County Commissioner’s Boardroom on the progress of the works, Nyayo House, Eng. Kinyanjui  said some works were already complete and others were on-going while others were still awaiting completion of the procurement process.

In  her remarks, the CC  told KeRRA to advice Constituency Roads Committees to be selecting few road projects that can be completed at the stipulated time, so that the government can get value of its money.

“Committee selecting roads should concentrate on a few roads that can be done with the funds allocated instead of doing  many roads which are never completed,” she added.

Mworoa  said it is better for a constituency to take one road project and upgrade it, saying that its effect will be felt

by  constituents, other than doing many roads that will not be completed by the end of the financial year.

By  Bernadette  Khaduli

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