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Government scales up measures to protect Kenyan migrant workers

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection continues to design and implement policies, legislation, and programs geared towards promoting favorable working conditions for Kenyan migrant workers while enhancing their protection.

The Principal Secretary of, the State Department for Labour and Skills Development, Shadrack Mwadime said that the vetting process for private employment agencies has been reviewed and they have to appear in person before the vetting committee to open, operate, or renew licenses.

“Private employment agencies must obtain government approval prior to sending Kenyan citizens for employment outside Kenya,” he added.

As of 2023, there are 983 vetted employment agencies with 510 having valid licenses and 473 with expired permits.

The government through the National Employment Authority (NEA) continues to facilitate job placements for thousands of Kenyans’ in both local and foreign employment opportunities.

“There will be a dedicated desk at the airport to expedite the clearance process for migrant workers, a distress reporting mechanism information handbook, capacity building programs, and a migrant welfare fund to strengthen protection measures,” said the PS

Additionally, Labor Attaché offices, bilateral agreements, and legislative frameworks will be continually developed to ensure the protection of the workers across various destination countries.

The government in conjunction with NEA has placed 123,114 Kenyans in employment abroad and locally

The PS, speaking at the National Employment offices in Kasarani affirmed the government’s commitment to safeguarding migrant workers’ rights and promoting safe and ethical labor migration.

By Winnie Wachira



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