Government set to award license to two water companies in Mandera

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Two water companies, MADAWASCO and ELWASCO in Mandera County will be given licenses to ensure steady supply of water in the region.

Subsequently, Officials of the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) a non-commercial State Corporation established in March 2003 as part of the comprehensive reforms in the water sector visited the county with a view to engaging stakeholders in water sector.

The mandate of the institution is to oversee the implementation of policies and strategies relating to provision of water and sewerage services.

Speaking during a meeting that brought together a delegation from the Water Regulatory Authority, officials from MADAWASCO and ELWASCO water companies as well as representatives of the area residents, WARSEB chair Joshua Irungu said that the body has done enough research and government is looking forward to awarding license to the two water entities to ensure majority of the area residents have access to water, adding that more than 15,000 households in the municipality will get water connected to their homesteads.

“We are increasing water volume from 2500 cubic metres to 16000 cubic metres per day, this will benefit 15000 households in the municipality”, said Irungu, the former Governor for Laikipia county.

On his part, Mandera County Governor Ali Roba said, his administration will work closely with the two local companies to improve livelihoods of the people.

Roba also appealed to the locals to support the companies to enable them achieve their mandate.

“I thank the Governor for his positive remarks. I am also urging the local population to support the two water entities mandated to supply water in the region”, added Irungu.

The County Executive for Water Omar Mohammed acknowledged that MADAWASCO has been doing a great job and given the license, it will now even do better and expand its services.

He added that MADAWASCO will cover 288kms in Mandera Municipality and its environs to ensure residents get adequate clean water.

MAWASCO Chief Executive Officer Abdikadir Tache said that they have managed to supply water to all the nine locations within Mandera Municipality.

On sewages services, Tache indicated that 3000 households will be connected by the end of the year which will help in taking care of waste water produce from the local water treatment plant that will produce 16000 cubic metres of water.

He added that having license will greatly improve their services because they will be able to source for more funds and grants to better their services.

Meanwhile, residents interviewed by KNA hailed efforts being made by the two levels of government to improve service delivery in the region.

By Charles Matacho

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