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Government to conduct crackdown on drug barons

Interior Cabinet Secretary, Kithure Kindiki has announced government plans to embark on a crackdown on drug barons in the coastal region.

Speaking during the Coast Region Conference on Illicit Alcohol, Narcotic Drugs, and Other Psychotropic Substances, the CS said that the menace of illicit liquor, narcotic drugs, and psychotropic substances was a National Security challenge and posed a threat to the survival of the future generation.

Mombasa, Kwale, and Kilifi reportedly rank within the top five counties in the nation, collectively representing 43 percent of individuals engaged in the misuse of hard injectable drugs, alongside Nairobi and Kiambu.

Kindiki emphasized that the Government considers producers, transporters, distributors, and vendors of illegal alcohol and narcotics as adversaries of the nation, warranting their classification alongside terrorists, bandits, and other perpetrators of sophisticated criminal acts.

“As a policy, security officers and administrators enabling the manufacture, sale, and use of killer brews and hard drugs, will not be transferred to other jurisdictions, they will be sacked immediately and prosecuted per the law,” Kindiki said.

Equally, he noted that the diligent and patriotic Security and National Government Administration officers who unearth, thwart, and apprehend persons behind the trade in illicit alcohol and narcotic drugs will be recognized and appreciated by the Government through promotion and award of State honors.

The Coast Region Conference on Illicit Alcohol and Narcotic Drugs Conference was graced by CS for Education, Ezekiel Machogu, CS Blue Economy and Mining, Salim Mvurya, Susan Nakhumicha (Health), Aisha Jumwa (Gender and Culture), Senate Speaker Amason Kingi and other Government representatives from the coastal region.

They deliberated on mechanisms to ruthlessly crack down on manufacturers, transporters, sellers, and peddlers of illicit liquor, narcotic drugs, and other substances in the Coast Region.

Member of Parliament, Mohammed Ali, on his part, said that there is a need to act fast to put an end to the drug menace that has killed and destroyed the lives of many youths in Mombasa.

He added that the fight against drugs is not just a police issue but a community issue and that it is important for everyone to come together to build a safer and drug-free city for the youth of the coast and their future.

“NACADA should pull up their socks because the report they have given does not cover all the drug hot spots in the Coast Region,” he added.

The Conference was presided over by the Deputy President who after the candid conversations with the various leaders presented, pledged that the Government is committed to supporting the short-term, mid-term, and long-term outcomes of the meeting and to sustainably eradicating all forms of narcotics and illicit brews not only at the Coast but across the country.

By Fatma Said

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