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Government to partner with Chuka University in tree planting

The Chuka University Vice Chancellor, Prof Erastus Njoka planting trees on Monday December 2, 2019. Photo by KNA.

The  government will partner with Chuka University in order to achieve the 10% forest cover and make Tharaka Nithi County a green zone through a sustainable programme of tree planting throughout the county.

The  Tharaka Nithi County Commissioner (CC), Ms. Beverly Opwora  said that the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National government will fully back the University’s tree planting programme to ensure the 10% forest cover goal is achieved in the county.

“Our ministry and other government agencies in the county should wake up to the call of achieving 10% forest cover by fully backing this noble cause of Chuka University by holding two annual tree planting events throughout the county,” said the CC.

Ms. Opwora  who was speaking on Monday during a tree planting event at Chuka Police Station under the auspices of Chuka University further disclosed that in order to achieve the 10% forest cover in Tharaka Nithi, the government has adopted Mutaranga forest in Tharaka North Sub-county for planting as many trees as possible.

The  senior administrator took advantage of the event to remind the residents of the county of the need to diversify the trees they plant to include avocado, mangoes and other fruit bearing vegetation in order to kill two birds with one stone.

“By diversifying on the variety of trees planted we will not only achieve the desired forest cover for environmental conservation but we will also be channeling our efforts towards the Big four Agenda by planting fruit bearing trees that will provide food even in times of drought,” said Ms. Opwora.

Her  sentiments were echoed by the Chuka University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Erastus Njoka  who went further to disclose that it is also important to plant medicinal trees to support the health care component of the Big four Agenda.

“We have plans as the university to ensure that we work together with the government and also non -governmental organizations to ensure that our county is a green zone before venturing into other counties,” said Prof. Njoka

He further urged youth and women groups to work together with the university that hopes to support them by incorporating them in its programmes to ensure that their input and impact is felt in social and economic development of Tharaka Nithi County.

By  David Mutwiri/Monicah Nyagah

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