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Four people have died and over 20,000 displaced in Tana River

The  Tana River County Commissioner (CC), Oningoi Ole Sosio has confirmed that the heavy rainfall in the upcountry increasing overflow of water to the lowlands of Tana River has caused the death of four people while over 20,000 were displaced.

Speaking  to the press in his Hola office on Monday, Sosio  said the ongoing rainfall up Country had caused destruction on farms with acres of maize crop, green grams, among others being submerged in floods waters.

The  CC said the road from Bura Tana to Madogo has been destroyed by the heavy rains forcing passengers from Hola-Garissa to spend over ten hours  before reaching their destinations.

He  called on the Deputy County Commissioners and chiefs to make sure all people living in low grounds move to high grounds.

Sosio  also said Waldena location could only be accessed by a Helicopter because all roads to the location have been cut off by running water, adding  that seasonal rivers have contributed to destruction of the roads. The destruction has led to food shortage because vehicles transporting foodstuff cannot access the area.

He  said  World Food Program has brought a Helicopter that could carry 50bags of maize flour per trip and has already supplied food to Waldena, Kone, Majengo, Galili and Kulesa areas.

The CC  appealed to other humanitarian agencies and relief organizations to support the government in providing food and nonfood items to support the displaced people.

By  Simon Guruba

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