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Government to repossess grabbed houses

The  government  will embark on repossessing over 100 civil servants houses in Nyeri County which were issued to individuals  illegally.

The  houses which are spread across the entire county were either irregularly allocated to members of the public or are  occupied by retired civil servants who should have vacated the premises to allow for occupation by serving public workers.

The  Nyeri County Director for Housing, Thomas  Mundia  said his department is awaiting the reconstitution of the National Land Commission (NLC) before embarking on the reclamation exercise.

Speaking  to  the  KNA  on Monday, Mundia said the lapse of the term of the current NLC was the only hurdle that was slowing down the exercise.

“Immediately  the NLC is reconstituted, my team will embark on repossessing the grabbed houses to pave way for allocation  to  deserving  civil servants,” said the official.

He  said people claiming ownership of the houses will be expected to submit land allocation and documentation on the houses to validate their ownership claims.

Mundia  revealed that some of the houses occupied by civil servants were in a deplorable state and maybe condemned and brought down to pave way for the construction of new and modern houses.

He  however, said his department was looking for funds to repair some of houses which he said needed minor sprucing up to make them habitable.

By  Kiamah  Wamutitu

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