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Government to revive libraries to achieve new curriculum competencies

The Government is considering reviving library classes in schools as a way of enhancing reading culture as one of the competencies in the new curriculum, State Department of Implementation of Curriculum Reforms Principal Secretary (PS), Prof Fatuma Chege has said.

Prof Chege, who was speaking after meeting scholars in Ruiru, termed it unfortunate that most primary and secondary schools have phased out libraries and others scrapped private reading time for learners.

She, however, said focus will not be the physical library but rather ensuring that schools have good internet connectivity where students will be able to access relevant reading materials within their age and learning level.

The PS said, reading as a major competency in the new curriculum, has to be cultivated by giving learners their time to learn by themselves but not loading them with teaching time.

“During our time, we used to have library lessons where learners were left to read by themselves newspapers, story books and other materials. Currently, students are loaded with classwork and have no time for them to read on their own. We plan to revive the libraries which may not be physical because in this age of ICT and digital learning, we shall ensure schools have good internet connectivity and children can access reading material that is within their age and learning level,” said Prof Chege.

On value-based education, the PS said parents will be engaged more to ensure they inculcate the values to their children at a young age.

She regretted that the value system has eroded over the years at all levels of education and they are currently developing programmes to bring learners closer to the community.

The Professor said learners as well as their parents would be expected to participate in community service work to bond with the community and be advised on areas of proper upbringing. This will be done even at university and college level.

“Children and their parents will be required to work with communities in various activities to feel part of the community. This will be expected to be replicated in universities and colleges,” she said.

By Muoki Charles


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