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Teso Students Tipped to Seek online Jobs

University and college students from Teso North Constituency have been urged to take advantage of the long Covid-19 break to engage in online jobs and earn income.

Teso North MP Oku Kaunya made the appeal on Sunday when he hosted a group of university students sponsored by the National Government Constituency Development Fund to study Law, Medicine and Engineering courses for lunch at his home in Kakemer village.

Kaunya told the students that the country currently has the fastest internet connections hence they should capitalize on the available platforms to look for jobs and scholarships online in order to further their careers.

“The power of the internet is so great. Look for jobs, look for scholarships and don’t be comfortable where you are now. I expect university students to be creative. During this Covid-19 break take your time and do something gainful. Make use of your holiday to work online and earn money.

“In Busia county Teso North is the only constituency with four ICT hubs. I urge you to take full advantage of them to be able to access the openings available online including scholarships,”Kaunya advised the students.

He said the four Information Communication and Technology hubs located at Amagoro, Angurai, Malaba Youth empowerment centre and Kolanya provide the best opportunity for students to make money online.

The first time MP also pledged not to relent in his efforts to sponsor more students from the constituency to study Law, Engineering and Medicine.

“Currently we have 30 students under the program. By close of my term in 2022, I expect at least 100 students to have benefitted from it. My belief is that the foundation of any community is dependent on assets and most importantly the asset of human resource.

“My work for the period I have as your MP is to ensure that we lift our people to the level where we have a large number of people with technical knowhow to be able to contribute not only to the development of our community but also the country and the world, ” Kaunya stated.

By Melechezedeck Ejakait


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