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Government urged to disburse more funds to Alupe University

Teso South MP Mary Emase has urged the government to increase funding for Alupe University.

Speaking during the inauguration of the University’s first Vice Chancellor,Prof Peter Barasa on Thursday, Emase noted that the funding for the University has been very low for the past five years.

“Funding for this University has been very low and there is need for Government support,” she said adding that the institution is still young and has many needs like infrastructure.

She pointed out that President William Ruto had promised to tarmac, lighting its environs to boost security in the area, construction of 2,000 hostels within the University compound.

“I want to assure you that I will follow up and ensure that these programmes have been implemented,” she said.

The lawmaker at the same time urged Busia Governor Paul Otuoma to support the institution.

Governor Otuoma on his part promised to support needy students who would like to join the institution but lack finances.

The vice chancellor Peter Barasa signs his oath of office during the ceremony.

“We might be told that this is not our core function as a County but as a government we have a responsibility to the community,” he said adding that they will support vulnerable students in society.

 Professor Barasa who is the first vice chancellor of the institution promised to improve the academic status and infrastructure at the university.

“I promise to make Alupe not just a place of learning but a place of academic excellence and a catalyst for change, it will be a place where dreams take root and knowledge transforms lives,” said Barasa.

He further said that he will make sure he strengthens both the local and international ties since students will not only be taught by lecturers from Alupe alone but across the world.

The institution’s manager added that they will plan together with the Iteso elders so as to make sure they attract students from Uganda as the neighbouring country and make sure the fee is favourable depending on the exchange rate.

“We are going to instill in our students the importance of ethical leaders ensuring they use their knowledge to benefit society through science and technology since we are interconnected,” said Barasa.

The University was granted a Charter on August 2 last year and is mainly focusing on Science and Technology studies.

By Salome Alwanda and Victoria Magar

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