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Governments urged to provide regular school meals to retain children in schools

The  National and Kilifi county governments have been urged to be providing regular school meals to boost education by retaining children in ECD, primary and secondary schools in Kilifi County.

The  Kilifi County Steering Group (CSG) which met at a Kilifi hotel emphasized that irregular supply of food to area schools has affected class attendance of students and pupils.

The  Kilifi County Director of Education, Eunice Khaemba in a report presented during the meeting on Friday noted that schools in Ganze, Magarini and parts of Kaloleni Sub Counties have been facing regular dropout of children from schools due to the lack of food.

She said due to availability of food and water in households during the past October- December 2019 short rain season, there was increase in attendance for both boys and girls in schools throughout to January, 2020.

“We have seen a trend where school attendance is high when there is food at either homes or schools but a drop in attendance when there is no availability of food in either homes or schools. This is an indication that the children decide to look for other means for survival”, she said.

Khaemba said school fees and other costs, ignorance by some households who do not see the values of schooling and early pregnancies hinder smooth learning in some areas.

She  said an improvement in transition of children to form one was witnessed this year following a government directive but sustaining them to schools will need joint efforts by all education stakeholders.

By  Harrison  Yeri

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