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Governor Achani promises to unite Kwale residents for development

Kwale Governor, Fatuma Achani, has promised to turn the fortunes of the coastal county around by working with all stakeholders, regardless of their socio-political or economic divergence.

Governor Achani says she is committed to running an open and responsive devolved government that will meet the needs and aspirations of the people.

She says she will not waver from her promise to run an all-inclusive Administration in the County and serve the people wholeheartedly, by prioritising their welfare.

She called on area political leaders, to join hands with her administration to spur faster development in the County.

“We must not allow competitive politics to sever ties of our common heritage as Kenyans,” she said, reassuring of her commitment to always put the interests of the people before her personal interests.

She asked local leaders to embrace unity and reconciliation instead of engaging in divisive politics, which will hurt the economy and slow development.

Achani spoke at the Kwale Cultural Amphitheatre, where she met non-native community members residing in Kwale.

During the meeting, Achani pledged to lead by example by running a transparent Administration and ensuring judicious management of public resources for the common good.

Achani says she has begun a county-wide tour aimed at getting feedback on her government’s projects and policies.

The Governor called on all her opponents in the last general election to join hands and work for the collective good of the county, while at the same time thanking everyone who trusted and voted for her during the August 2022 general election and promising to serve all.

Achani says the only way to build a more cohesive and harmonious society is for the people to understand and accommodate each other regardless of their social background.

The County boss, who was accompanied by her Deputy, Chirema Komba, says her Administration is determined to deliver on its campaign promises and tackle the myriad socio-economic challenges facing the County.

She said the main reason for meeting non-natives of Kwale was to discuss various ways in which her Administration can work with them for the benefit of all residents.

“We want to run the affairs of Kwale in an inclusive manner in a bid to realise social cohesion,” she said.

Achani asked the youths to be ambassadors of peace and only associate with activities that would promote development and community empowerment.

The Governor also said that her Administration would do everything possible to unite all the ethnic groups residing in Kwale for the overall development of the County.

She promised to make the county investment-friendly to attract an influx of investors and businesses.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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