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Governor calls for continuous collaboration to enhance service delivery

Kisii Governor Simba Arati has underscored the need for county and national government officials to continuously work together to improve service delivery among the area residents.

Speaking during the inaugural annual prayer breakfast session held at the Kisii County Assembly offices in Kisii town, Arati said the two governments must conduct their affairs based on mutual relationship and understanding through continuous consultation.

He pointed out that the prayer meeting had also provided an opportunity for the national government, the County Executive, and the Assembly members to meet and bond for the sake of satisfactory service delivery to the people.

Arati said the county would hold a joint workshop in the coming days to help the Executive and County Assembly establish a close working relationship and enable them to achieve their mandate.

The County boss lauded the Assembly for the timely vetting of senior officers and ratifying the setting up of delivery units as well as passing bills that were critical to the implementation of the County Integrated Development Plan.

He urged the Members of the County Assembly to expedite other pending bills and constantly put in check the key officers including Ministers and Chief Officers, to enable the smooth running of the county functions.

Arati noted the MCAs have been instrumental in promoting the socio-economic welfare of residents and urged them to continue engaging with the electorates so that their concerns are forwarded to the county for action.

Area County Commissioner Tom Anjere told government officials that they have a responsibility of ensuring the people of Kisii are accorded quality and timely service.

Anjere said the cordial relationship already established between both government officers at the grassroots should be maintained at all times.

He affirmed that they will work closely with the county government in confronting all emerging issues promptly and without bias in order to attain the county’s objectives and vision.

The CC added that they will work with all elected leaders irrespective of their party affiliation and would not engage in negative issues as far as politics is concerned.

The annual prayer breakfast session comes against the backdrop of a call by President William Ruto urging Kenyans to take a moment and pray for the country’s prosperity.

By Mercy Osongo and Jefferson Volka


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