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Bright needy students walk in mission to raise school fees

Some 16 needy students who sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) last year in Kajiado walked the streets of Kajiado town in the hope of getting scholarships from well-wishers.

The students who walked with placards displaying their KCPE marks say they have lacked school fees to report to the various secondary schools despite performing well.

The students said that the ravaging drought and the harsh economic times being witnessed has forced them to stay at home even after securing places in national secondary schools.

“We had 50 cows and all were killed by the ravaging drought. We are four siblings currently at home due to lack of school fees and that’s what forced us to walk around town in search of scholarships,” said Joseph Ntasikoi, who scored 393 marks.

The students say that they feel desperate staying at home while the rest of the students are in school.

“I scored 401 marks and was to join Makueni Boys High School but my parents are not able to provide the fees. I fear that I won’t be able to achieve my dreams if I don’t get a scholarship,” said Joseph Kipkoech

The desperate students are pleading with well-wishers to come forth and help them pursue their dreams.

“We applied for the several scholarships offered by several organizations to no avail. We are urging any well-wishers to help us pursue our dreams,” said Francisca Mukavana who scored 361 marks.

Olkejuado Boys Primary deputy head teacher Peter Namasaka who accompanied the students in the walk said that he encouraged the students to work hard in school and they did their best only for them to stay at home for lack of school fees.

“The students are demoralized even after all the hard work they put in. I want to urge the wish wishers to come through for them to ensure the students can join secondary schools,” said Namasaka

Enkorika deputy head teacher, Charity Karero who also accompanied the students in the walk reiterated Namasaka’s remarks and added that poverty should not be a hindrance to the students realizing their dreams.

“I won’t be able to tell the rest of the students to work hard if their colleagues are at home even after performing well,” said Karero.

Ntasikoi’s father, Mzee Lein Ntasikoi says that he feels terrible seeing his children at home though they performed well and urged any well-wishers to help him in educating them before all goes back to how it was before the drought.

“The drought has made us beggars, but I have hope that all will get better when it rains again. I appeal to all well-wishers to come and give us a helping hand as we wait for better days,” said Mzee Lein.

By Diana Meneto


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