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Governor calls for reduced politicking to boost economic growth

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui says that ongoing political debates are unhealthy for the country’s economic development and now wants leaders to instead focus on achieving the Big Four Agenda.

He said that Kenyans were tired of the perennial politicking in the country and were looking towards the fulfillment of the promises made during the electioneering period.

The governor speaking Monday at the Jubilee offices in Nakuru said the raging succession debate in Jubilee Party is a major distraction to the government in the fulfillment of its core mandate.

Kinyanjui said it was unfortunate that the nation has been plunged into yet another round of electioneering period barely a year since general elections were held.

He said the permanent cycle of electioneering and incessant fights over positions did not augur well for a country struggling to provide jobs for its millions of unemployed youths, against a backdrop of dwindling finances.

He noted that due to the prolonged 2017 campaigns and the subsequent repeat polls economy had received a heavy beating and it is therefore prudent that all players combine forces to bring it to stability.

The governor noted that many leading companies and financial institutions had already raised a red flag over their financial status and therefore any further shaking of the economy could lead to a shut down for some of them.

He said that many employers were facing harsh economic times and the rate of unemployment and inflation was bound to escalate rapidly if leaders did not work in harmony.

The governor, who was accompanied by his deputy, Dr. Eric Korir advised leaders in Jubilee to conduct their affairs in a civil and orderly way and desist from making inflammatory statements.

“Jubilee Party just like other mature political parties has a dispute resolution mechanism through its respective organs,” he said.

He said leaders must come together and rally around the common problems of unemployment and Big 4 agenda. “We call upon leaders to refocus on their core mandate of service delivery,” the governor added.

By Jane Ngugi

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