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Chief wins accolades for paying power connection to 72 residents

Contractor Naomi Wanagi and her team doing the final connection of power to 72 villagers at Waseges, in Subukia Sub-County. Photo by KNA.

A  Senior Chief in Nakuru County has won accolades from his subjects after he used his savings to connect electricity to 72 residents who neighbour his homestead in Waseges, Subukia Sub-county.

The  Assistant Commissioner of the area, Joyce  Onduso  said, Chief  John Koskei  was not only organized but his location, despite being a remote area was steadily developing into a model location. She urged other chiefs to emulate his admirable record.

While speaking to KNA  on Tuesday, the chief said the location benefited from the rural electrification programme eight years ago; however, the majority of the villagers would not afford to connect from the Tachasis Dispensary.

He said all this time the transformer has stayed underutilized as the villagers stayed in the darkness, but he decided to save money from his salary and change the look of his village.

“Despite having used my own money the brightness and the palpable excitement among my people has exalted me to another level of leadership where I voluntarily gave,” he said.

He added that the power connection has changed even the negative behaviours’ of the youths because a majority of them rush home to watch television.

A resident of the area, Peter  Maina said before the Chief  was appointed they were renowned  for  their backwardness, relief food, drunkenness and poor roads.

However, Maina said all that has changed due to the chief’s effort and even land prices has increased.

Also, the chief praised the residents for their calmness and cooperation, which has assisted in the drastic reduction of illicit brews.

He added that the easiest way of ending insecurity in the country was through the teamwork of villagers and their chiefs since all criminals are known and those who commit crimes in towns tend to run home when they are discovered by the security apparatus.

His homestead stands as a beckon of hope with over 300 trees planted with a well-manicured compound and edge. “A leader has to be ahead of the pack,” he jokingly stated.

By  Veronica Bosibori

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