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Illegal Miners Put on Notice

Those  operating illegal quarries in Kisumu County have been given a terse warning to stop their activities or be ready to face legal action.

This follows a notice by the County’s Executive for Environment, Salmon Orimba of a massive crackdown on those found illegally harvesting sand and murram along the local beaches and riverbanks.

“We are not saying that people can’t mine, but what we demand is that this must be done in a structured manner and in accordance with laid down regulations,” Orimba told the press in Kisumu on Monday.

The  CEC identified Nyando, Kanyakwar and Usoma in Kisumu West as the worst affected by the unlawful activities that have led to rapid environmental degradation.

He blamed escalated flooding in affected the areas and the deaths of two children last year on the unplanned quarry activities.

“No individual found engaging in the banned activities would be spared in the crackdown that is to be carried by the department starting tomorrow,” he warned.

“Our  office has received several complaints of people engaging in mining in total disregard to environmental concerns and we are asking them to quit or face the courts starting this week,” he added

He further affirmed that the department was instituting measures to map out the affected areas with a view to eliminate the menace and ensure compliance with environmental protection laws.

By  Milton  Onyango

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