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Governor Kinyanjui launches Sh12 million water project

Over 1,500 households in Piave, Njoro Sub-County will benefit from a Sh12 million water project courtesy of the local county government in partnership with Nakuru rural and sanitation water company.

Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui who officially launched the project, dubbed Piave Borehole Water, said area residents can now engage in irrigation farming in a bid to improve their livelihoods.

One of the beneficiaries, Mary Mwangi thanked the county government for addressing challenges of perennial shortage of water in the area.

Mwangi noted that with improved access to water, there will be improved sanitation, hence lesser cases of illnesses mainly associated with consumption of contaminated water.

She said residents will now carry out their daily economic activities with ease, without having to travel long distances in search of the precious commodity.

Kinyanjui appealed to Wananchi to fully embrace government programs aimed at improving their living standards.

He cited county government empowerment programs such as poultry farming, car wash, salons and barber shops meant for the women and youth.

By Emily Kadzo 

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