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Governor Mung’aro pledges to Address Water Shortages in Kilifi

Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung’aro has pledged to launch more water projects to address the water shortage problem in the County to give relief to thousands of residents in various areas.

Speaking during the launch of modern Fire Fighting Services in Kilifi Town, Mung’aro disclosed that the water projects will be started in the next three months adding that he will continue to prioritise finding a solution to water problems that have troubled the region for the longest time.

In addition, the Governor promised to construct more boreholes in Kaloleni Ward to ease the congestion experienced in Baricho and Langobaya water points which are being over-relied on.

The governor disclosed that he is working around the clock saying that Kilifi residents will no longer hunger for water in three years.

“By October this year, we shall start a water program. We’ve agreed that all the tax we collect from mineral resources in our county shall be channeled to the water and health sectors. This year we will therefore have over 950 million for that job,” he said.

In efforts to end the sewage water menace in the County,Mr  Mungaro promised to improve the drainage services in Kilifi town, Mariakani, and Malindi constituencies to move stagnant waters that have often caused waterborne diseases.

According to the governor, the county government aims to launch a Sh. 389 million plan to improve the roads, lighting, and sewerage systems in Sokoni Ward from the month of September.

“We have a program for Sokoni Ward that will cater for roads renovation, install lighting systems in the roads and construct drainage channels to evade water stagnation in the town,” he announced.

In addition, the county boss called out the county’s water cartels, saying he would install a new token-powered water program to improve the county levy collection.

He stated the water cartels contributed greatly to low tax collections saying that he will end the criminal activity by implementing the improvised water payment program.

“In order to effectively collect county water taxes, you’ll not need to engage with the water officers, instead you will have an improvised payment system via your mobile phone,” he said.

By Emmanuel Mwendwa and Jackson Msanzu

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