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Governor Mutua backs Catholic clerics’ ban on church donations

The  Machakos Governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua has applauded an order by the Catholic Church barring politicians from dishing out cash during worship services.

The  Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) on Saturday outlined new measures to help curb illicit money from finding its way into the church coffers.

Dr. Mutua said he supports the Catholic Bishops’ resolution to stage an all-out war on graft through the directive that all donations to the church will henceforth be made electronically or through cheques.

“I highly commend the position taken by the Catholic Church in Kenya against corruption. I support the Church’s call for prayers every Sunday against corruption. However, prayer alone will not solve Kenya’s corruption tumor that seems to be growing every day,” said the Governor.

Through its chairperson, Archbishop Phillip Anyolo, KCCB directed that all contributions to the church by leaders, politicians and well-wishers will only be made electronically through banks and mobile money transfer technology.

This, according to the church leadership, will help control monies that come into the church and hopefully curb proceeds from shady deals from finding its way into the offertory box.

The Church has also outlawed politicians from using its premises as a platform for politicking.

“Our churches will not be used as political platforms or for any other motive other than for the worship of God,” said Bishop Anyolo on behalf of the Church.

In addition the new regulations require anyone intending to offer a gift worth more than Sh.50, 000 to write a letter to the Church’s top leadership revealing why he or she wants to do so.

But Dr. Mutua has requested the church to do more in the war against graft by leading through example.

He argued that unless churches live by what they preach on matters that touch on the wellbeing of the society, nothing much will change in the country as far as the war on graft is concerned.

“I propose two critical things that need to go hand in hand with the prayers for the anti-corruption campaign to be really successful.

First, I call upon the Catholic Church and other denominations and religious organizations to lead by example. It is hypocritical to call for prayers against corruption whereas some priests and pastors are receiving questionable money from politicians,” Dr. Mutua noted in a press statement.

The Maendeleo Chap Chap leader  who has also announced his interests to vie for the presidency in 2022 is now calling for the clergy not only to rebuke corrupt leaders from the pulpit but refuse to accept their money in order to discourage the practice.

Churches in Kenya have been divided on the issue of receiving cash donations from politicians with clergy and worshipers expressing divergent opinions on the matter.

In June this year, the Anglican Archbishop, Jackson Ole Sapit announced that the church will not allow politicians to make a public show of giving cash donations in the church.

Sapit further noted the institution will only accept offerings which are given in secret and also faulted the manner in which politicians had held the church hostage through their donations.

By  Samuel  Maina

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