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Governor Mvurya cautions against divisive politics

Kwale Governor, Salim Mvurya, has asked leaders in the county to refrain from preaching divisive and tribal politics but instead preach unity to Kenyans.

He asked residents not to be carried away by incitement and divisive politics preached by ethnic demagogues but concentrate on development.

The two-term Governor on Friday said politics should be practiced devoid of tribal sentiments and that those who preach hatred ‘deserve no leadership roles’.

Mvurya who was addressing a series of meetings in Mwereni Ward accompanied by his Deputy, Fatuma Achani and a host of County Executive Committee members, urged the people to live in harmony and shun divisive and tribal politics.

He urged residents to refrain from ethnic groupings as it is hampering efforts at unity and harmonious co-existence among the diverse communities in the region.

The Governor said those seeking leadership roles should not create fear and alarm among the populace since it does not augur well for growth and advancement.

Mvurya was presiding over the issuance of bursary cheques worth Sh1.3 million to 36 national secondary school students from the Ward.

The County Chief also led the distribution of hybrid meat goats to farmers from Mwereni area to crossbreed their local breeds.

Mvurya said a section of leaders seeking to succeed him as county boss were behind the formation of ethnic groups in the coastal county for political mobilization.

“Tribalism is a national cancer that needs to be confronted and rooted out by right thinking Kenyans,” he said.

He advised residents to avoid tribal groupings and associations since they often result in social problems and thwart development.

On her part, the Deputy Governor also urged the people to live harmoniously and avoid propaganda politics that may hinder the county development strides.

Last week Kwale County Commissioner, Karuku Ngumo, urged residents to refrain from ethnic alignments as it is hampering efforts to unity and harmonious co-existence.

Ngumo said some leaders in the region were promoting tribal groupings, dividing the people into indigenous communities and outsiders for selfish ends.

The Administrator said tribal groupings to the exclusion of other sections of the society for selfish ends do not augur well for peace and harmony.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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