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Hope for traders as new road construction continues

Construction of various roads in Nyahururu town, Laikipia County continued to hinder several business activities, with the contractors assuring traders of a speedy completion.

According to the contractors, they have relocated manholes that were on the roads and changed several sewerage passages to avoid tampering with them as they continue with the construction.

“The construction that has taken one month now, should take us about three more months, as you can see we are working hard to ensure we keep our promise to the residents and traders,” said Patrick Ngacha of Harvway Limited contractors.

Ngacha, the contactor working on St.luise-Baron Road, added that although they had too much work to do to make the roads perfect they would ensure they took the shortest time possible, since closing the roads was obstructing many activities.

Grace Nyambura a business owner along St.Luise-Baron Road, said that though the construction had a couple of disadvantages, it would be of great benefit in the long run, adding that it would create a good parking area for them and their customers.

Nyambura also said that the new roads would make their working environment neater and that it would attract more customers.

“Just as a farmer waits for their harvest after planting we too will wait for the completion of the construction, we are however, urging them to finish it as fast as they promised they would,” Nyambura said.

Dishon Ruo a contractor working on Liberty-Aghakan road insisted that he would complete the road in one month, claiming that the construction was being delayed by the heavy rains.

“Customers have reduced tremendously since the construction began, we are requesting them to speed up the construction since it has really affected our businesses, we are incurring major loses,” decried Nancy Kagure, a business owner at the 300 meter stretch.


By Sheila Wanza

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