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Governor Nyong’o Suspends Rogue City Askaris

The Kisumu County administration suspended from duty 12 city enforcement officers who were involved in mishandling a female hawker.

The move has been occasioned by external pressure from the locals and elected leaders who demanded justice for the victim, Beatrice Magolo, 38 who suffered severe bruises after she was dragged on the tarmac by a speeding pickup operated by the city askaris.

Terming the Wednesday morning incident as unfortunate, Governor Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o called for a speedy probe over the matter.

“I have directed the City Manager to immediately suspend from duty all the officers who were involved in this incident with immediate effect, until the conclusion of the ongoing probe on the matter,” said Nyong’o.

He observed that the askaris should respect human rights while undertaking their duties. The wananchi were also advised to respect the city regulations and the rule of law.

In a notice seen by Kenya News Agency, Wanga noted that the perpetrators would face the County’s disciplinary action.

The county granted the assaulted hawker an offer of treatment plus a free stall at the newly built Chichwa market and still stands a right to opt for any legal proceedings in a court of law.

“The county government will continue looking into the interest of all hawkers who are hereby requested to abide by the city by-laws and at all times strictly operate only within designated places,” said Wanga.

The Kisumu Deputy Governor Dr. Mathew Owili castigated the cruel incident witnessed in the county and extended apologies to women in the county and Kenya at large.

Dr. Owili added that, “the governor is committed to ensure that Kisumu County has a security force that is friendly and determined to guide the public.”

Seth Kanga, the Market Milimani Ward Representative (MCA) demanded the Kisumu county head of Inspectorate and Enforcement Officer Mr. John Kabong’ to resign citing his unprocedural appointment to the office.

Kanga said that the county must move with speed to appoint a substantive enforcement officer who must be approved by the county assembly as per the constitution to have someone who can be held responsible for such occurrences.

Pamela Odhiambo, the Ward Representative for Manyatta “B” regretted the situation, terming it violence against women.

“It is very unfortunate that violence is being meted on women by the same government that is supposed to protect them,” she said.

The committee of Administration of Law, Justice, Constitutional Affairs, Good Governance and Security chairperson, Seth Okumu of East Seme Ward warned that the Assembly would abort transacting business with the executive until the rogue county Askaris are apprehended.


By Robert Ojwang’

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