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Governor Tunai registers for Huduma number

Narok Governor Samuel Ole Tunai has called on the Government to consider a mobile registration unit in Narok to help track and register the pastoralists who have moved across the border in search of pasture, water and food as drought continues to ravage most parts of the county.
Tunai said many families had moved across the border into Tanzania and further into the forests and there was need to have a team that would track them and register them for Huduma number in the ongoing National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) exercise from wherever they are.
Narok County is experiencing drought with most of its water sources having dried up and most of the locals especially women are walking long distances in search of water for domestic purposes.

“There is need to follow these people wherever they have gone and register them for National Integrated Identity Management System so that they can enjoy government services just like other Kenyans,” said Tunai.

Governor Tunai was speaking at Huduma centre in Narok Thursday after registering for the Huduma number.
He called on the residents to turn up in large numbers to register for the Huduma number saying it would make it easy for every Kenyan to access the government services.
“Remember no one will get services from the government without that number,” Tunai said adding that farmers for example would be able to access farm inputs at a subsidized price only if they were registered in the Huduma programme.
National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) was launched in the country on Tuesday last week and is expected to last 45 days in which every Kenyan is expected to have registered. It was rolled out in the country’s 8,500 sub-locations and targets to register all citizens and foreigners in the country.

The Governor allayed fears that the government had a hidden motive in the Huduma number, saying that the government could not come up with harmful projects to its people.

“This is a good idea and we must support it because the government will now know the needs of its people and plan how to meet these needs to improve their services,” he said.

Meanwhile, nominated MP David ole Sankok has urged Kenyans to reject propaganda about Huduma number and register for it.

Sankok said that the rumours being spread about the NIIMS were untrue and Kenyans should embrace it as it will make it easy for the government to serve them.

“The new number is a noble project that would ease service delivery by the government to its people,” said the MP.

The programme targets to register over 1.04 million people in Narok but has been facing the challenge of slow turn-out. So far, about 200,000 people have been registered in the county.
By Mabel Keya-Shikuku

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