Governor wants developers defying the law arrested

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Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir has ordered the Inspectorate Department to arrest property owners that have failed to comply with construction regulations in the county.

Last week the governor issued a preliminary report that indicated that 97 buildings within Mombasa were being built without the county’s approval.

He further stopped all the ongoing construction in the county for seven days pending approval of drawings and all relevant documents.

Nassir noted that some failed to submit their papers for verification thus the need for action to be taken against them for endangering people’s lives.

“We congratulate all those that complied with this directive but to those that have set up settlements illegally, the inspectorate will come for you,” he said.

He noted that the intention of the county government is not to demolish properties but to ensure all constructions are up to the required standards and provide occupants with adequate infrastructure for water and sewerage.

“I will not be the one to keep silent while the lives of our people are being endangered by greedy people. We want to reduce the issue of blocked sewerage and other challenges that the people have been struggling with due to irresponsible placement of houses at sites not authorised,” said Nassir.

The governor who was speaking at his office said that there are 67 buildings that differed from the design and plans submitted to the county for approval.

He warned that the buildings that have failed to meet the set standards will have no alternative but to be demolished.

“There is a building in Likoni sub-county that was condemned by the county government in March after it partially collapsed. This must stop as we cannot be a county that allows developers to build without plan and risk other people’s lives,” he said.

He further urged contractors to stop any construction work at buildings that have been earmarked for correction or demolition saying failure to which they will face the law.

“Some of your bosses are cruel as they will set you up a job yet the building has not been approved, once you see that the structure you are working on has been marked with an “X” then stop the construction immediately,” added the governor.

By Chari Suche

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