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Governors want impeachment procedure bill enacted

The Council of Governors has called on the National Parliament to expedite the enactment of the impeachment procedures bill to set a strong threshold to impeach a governor.

The governors led by their chairperson Anne Waiguru said the initiative will protect devolution and enhance development in the country.

The governors praised the Senate for handling the impeachment of Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza with sobriety, which saw the motion dropped at the floor of the house.

“We appreciate the sobriety of the senate in the manner they handled the impeachment motion against our sister Kawira Mwangaza. This is a great win for devolution as the senate has upheld the threshold for removal of a governor,” she said.

The Kirinyaga governor said the senate has played its cardinal responsibility of protecting devolution, which is in the first year of its third cycle.

The Council of Governors Vice Chairman and Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi reiterated that what the council is seeking is legislation that sets the threshold for the impeachment of a governor to avoid unnecessary dramas in the county.

He recalled that in the first impeachment motion of Governor Kawira Mwanza, the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) moved a motion to impeach her before she even laid structures in place for her administration.

“What is it that the governor had committed that she is subjected to such drama? If we recall, her first impeachment was even before she had formed her cabinet,” posed Abdulahi, wondering if the MCAs will be impeaching governors because of the rough election battles.

Mwangaza survived seven impeachment grounds that were labeled against her after the senators voted to save her.

The allegations included: misappropriation and misuse of county resources, nepotism and related unethical practices, bullying and demeaning, illegal appointments, contempt of court, illegal naming of a public road after her husband and contempt of the county assembly.

By Ann Salaton

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