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Gov’t donates tools of trade worth Sh5 million to PWDs

People with disabilities (PWDs) in Kiambu County have a reason to smile after the National Fund for The Disabled of Kenya (NFDK), donated tools of trade worth Sh5 million to 400 PWDs.

Nine Sub-Counties which include Limuru, Kikuyu, Lari, Githunguri, Kiambaa, Kiambu, Riuru, Gatungu and Thika are set to benefit from the donations.

Speaking during the donation exercise at Limuru Sub-County, Limuru Deputy County Commissioner Mr Stanley Mutua said the government initiative is aimed at empowering PWDs economically through start-ups and micro enterprises to enhance self-reliance.

“About 15 physically challenged people have already benefited from the donations and we expected more to show up because the target is 400 PWDs all around the County,” he said.

According to NFDK Programs Officer in charge Tabitha Mihari,  the tools of trade will give the physically challenged the ability to engage in socio-economic empowerment activities like anyone else without limitations.

“The tools of trade that we have donated today include sewing machines, saloon kits, welding machines, masonry kits, water pumps and also farm tools like wheelbarrows, spades and pangas which will help uplift their living standards” said Mihari.

She further encouraged more people living with disabilities to turn up and not to shy away when called upon to receive the donations which are enough for all of them.

Mihari also cautioned the beneficiaries against selling or misusing the equipment as this would undermine the objective of the government of uplifting PWDs living standards.

“The equipment you have received today is your lifeline, take good care of them and use them to initiate income generating activities,” she said.

Joseph Ndua, a beneficiary of the programme, expressed his gratitude to the government for the donations. “I am a farmer. I plant cabbages and kales and it has been such a struggle to carry my produce to the market. Now that I have a wheelbarrow, it’s going to be much easier,” he said.

Last year, NFDK reported that the government has increased its funds for annual donations to persons living with disabilities from Sh14 million to Sh350 million.

By Yvette Apondi and Grace Naishoo

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