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Tana Water Works Development Agency Drills a Borehole

Administration Police officers at the AP Sports and Leadership Center and residents of Kirimancuuma in Meru County, have benefited from a borehole drilled by the Tana Water Works Development Agency (TWWDA), that will put an end to the struggles they have been going through to get the valuable resource.

Speaking while handing over the borehole to the facility, TWWDA Chairman, Mr James Wanyaga Gathaka, said they were pleased that the leadership of the institution have further thought of sharing the resource to the neighbouring community.

He said the Agency will also install a steel tank at the borehole which will be critical in storage of water in order to serve the about 2000 people residents.

Gathaka said they were also drilling more boreholes not only in Meru but other counties including Nyeri, Kirinyaga to have at least 100 boreholes in the counties within their jurisdiction.

“Apart from boreholes we are thinking of how to have more dams in Meru, especially in dry areas,” said Mr Gathaka.

He urged the residents to think of planting enough trees in order to curb droughts as experienced in the country at the moment.

“If we don’t plant trees we will be living in a country where even getting food will be a problem due to shortage of rains,” said Mr Gathaka who also called on leaders and other well-wishers to empower residents by buying them tanks for water harvesting.

Since its establishment 10 years ago, Dr Massoud Mwinyi said, the facility never had water and the trainees and trainers had been going to the streams and rivers, which are currently drying up, to get water for use.

“It has been quite a challenge and besides the many more hours which had been lost trying to find water, there was also a cost element in terms of hiring of water bowsers, service vehicles, wear and tear of vehicles, maintenance, and all this have been cancelled by the provision of this borehole,” said Dr Munyi adding that they were in short of good words to thank the agency.

He said water from the borehole will sufficiently serve the facility which at any given time handles upwards of 100 trainees and the shortest duration being one week and longest being three months.

“The trainees and trainers will have no water problems from now meaning that their programs will run uninterrupted,” said Mr Mwinyi.

Mwinyi said the outlying communities were also benefiting from the borehole from the service points where they can draw water from for their use.

“The multiplier effect of the borehole is so far enormous even before it goes into three months or so and it’s a good thing because water, as they say, is life,” said Dr Mwinyi.

He added, “Consider that young girl who is going to fetch water for half of the day vis-à-vis the other girl who is in class taking her lessons. Again, we are looking at the bigger picture and the multiplier benefits, where now instead of our children and women looking for water for the better part of the day, they will go in class, do their work in the farm and other developmental activities and all this thanks to Tana Water Works and Development Agency.”

The AP Sports and Leadership Centre was established in 2014 and is used to train leaders in leadership and command positions, file management services and experiential learning.

By Dickson Mwiti 

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