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Gov’t moves to restore peace in Siakago, Mbeere north

The Government has moved to restore peace in Siakago Mbeere North Embu after recurring insecurity incidents that culminated in a clash between muguka traders and residents.

A mini reshuffle of security chiefs was effected with the Officer Commanding Station (OCS) at Siakago Police station and his deputy were transferred and called for quick arrest of individuals that have been behind the notorious incidents of theft in the area.

This is after residents of Siakago Mbeere North Sub County had raised numerous complaints about insecurity and reported to Siakago Police station without the police officers taking any action.

Ben Kanyenji, a representative of the residents of Nthawa location, narrated to the Eastern Region Security committee the insecurity ordeal that residents have been going through without the intervention of the police officers.

Kanyenji said that for a long-time residents have lost their property and reported to Siakago police station and were issued with Occurrence Book (OB) number entries but the perpetrators of the heinous acts have never been apprehended.

“There is a high possibility that those stealing their property were collaborating with the police officers. That is why police officers from Siakago police station have never arrested the thieves but have continued to issue any resident who reports a crime case with an OB,” Kanyenji said.

“How can many residents be having OBs and the police have never effected the arrest of those stealing from us? We suspect that the thieves are collaborating with the police officers from this police station. Anytime someone goes to report a crime case, they are issued with OB but no single arrest has ever been effected by these police officers.

In a meeting chaired by Eastern Regional Commissioner (RC) Evans Achoki at Siakago Social hall targeted at efforts to restore peace between miraa traders and residents that left many shops razed and several injured, Achoki ordered the gang terrorizing residents in Siakago to be dealt with.

The RC said that the gang which is hiding in miraa trading had no authority to terrorize the residents of Siakago and that they are not above the law for them not to be arrested.

The RC who is also the Eastern Region security committee chairman gave a notice to the OCS at Siakago police station to move with speed and arrest the gang that has been terrorizing the residents.

“We cannot have people stealing from locals here and they are left to walk scot free. Several people have lost their property through theft and despite them having OB numbers no one has ever been arrested, we must work for our people,” said the Commissioner.

Mbeere North Member of Parliament urged the Government to stand firm on security matters in the area in order to restore the hope of Mbeere North residents in police adding that the residents had lost their hope in police.

Eastern Regional police commander Rono Bunei urged the new OCS to ensure that he works for the residents of Mbeere North and to thoroughly deal with criminals who are hiding in miraa trade to terrorize the residents of Mbeere North.

Bunei also said that all the police officers in Mbeere North police stations will be transferred.

By Justus Anzaya

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